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VIP Prism Community

The Prism Membership is your exclusive VIP access, and one stop shop for everything spiritual! You can expect education on how to increase your intuitive abilities. Hours and hours of previous LIVE readings with psychic ability practice games. A library full of photos to practice your energy reads, like minded friends, community, discounts to events, multiple LIVE mediumship readings every single week! You will receive a weekly energy forecast and card pull. Horoscopes and your chance for a reading every single week! You are receiving basically an intuitive course, spirtual coaching, a session, and workshop - a $2,000 value all for a monthly price of just $55! You can sample it with your 10 day free trial and you can cancel or suspend your membership at anytime. You have online access to your member page and account, a facebook community page and Instagram. A variety of LIVE readings over Zoom and instagram LIVE. Join the only spiritual community you need! sign up below.

Become a Prism Member!

  • Prism Membership

    Every month
    Exclusive VIP Access to Haylie, mediumship and spirituality!
     10 day free trial
    • Virtual LIVE readings with Haylie
    • Exclusive member discounts
    • Access to monthly workshops, tips and tools
    • Group chat sessions over Zoom and Facebook
    • Spirit Art readings over LIVES
    • Fun practice readings!
    • Low monthly payment!
    • Cancel at anytime
    • Guided Meditations
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