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Haylie -

Conduit to the Spiritual Realm


Upcoming Events

  • The Empowered Soul Retreat
    Fri, Apr 28
    The Oregon Coast
    There is nothing more powerful in our healing, than our connection to each other, and to the world of Spirit. It can restore, save, heal and transform us like nothing else. Join us for this female only retreat that will empower your soul!
  • You Are Intuitive -  5 Week Course
    Registration Closed
    Fri, Mar 03
    Online Course over Zoom
    Join us to get in touch with your highest self and the incredible world of Spirit. When we connect we get rid of anxiety and discover who we truly are and our purpose here.
  • In Tune - Online Course
    Registration Closed
    Thu, Jan 12
    My brand new 2 day course is so much more than just increasing your intuition but allows you to get *IN TUNE* with all aspects of yourself, your life and Spirit.
  • Spiritual Coaching
    Registration Closed
    Tue, Dec 27
    A one month soul coaching program with 4 sessions and an intuitively chosen gift. Customized coaching based off your individual needs.

Community Testimonials

"Just amazing. Literally eye opening and uplifting in a way that I didn't know was possible. I went to Haylie's retreat because I see signs in everything and I left feeling like a whole new person. I left feeling stronger emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. It was a powerful experience I did not expect I met people that I felt like I had already known forever. I have tools to keep growing myself and my intuition and to keep my emotional cup from overflowing. Totally amazing."

"This course for me was life changing to say the least. My whole life I felt like I was searching for a place to 'fit' and hiding a part of me. I was always told I was too sensitive or just weird by some which led me to suppressing my true self.  You are so genuine and your gift is immeasurable to those that receive it. It is permanent therefore the class is worth every penny and a million times more than that. If you are like I was, so ready to jump in but not sure if you can afford it, I am telling you now, DO IT. You came across this opportunity for a reason and you won't be dissappointed!

"This was hands down the most enlightening and connecting experience I’ve had esp. in a group setting. Each healer had so many unique gifts that they offered personally for my highest good, for my personal healing and instruction! The atmosphere was free of judgment and so so loving and open! It was amazing connecting with so many other like-minded ladies, I learned and felt so much from everyone who came, it’s hard to put into words what this retreat has meant to me! It was more than I could’ve imagined, everyone needs to experience this retreat!"




"I went into this retreat not knowing what it was about and was literally blown away!! This has transformed me in so many ways I can’t wait for the next one!! Each of these healers are so uniquely gifted and it’s obvious why they “found” each other💖♥️"


"Haylie’s retreat was an eye-opening experience (third eye included 😜). The healers’ ability to help all of the attendees unique levels were spot-on. The healing wasn’t just a surface level thing, it reached much deeper than that. I feel more confidence in every area of my life, mind, body, and spirit. I would recommend this retreat to anyone who just needs a women’s weekend away, needing a perspective change, anxiety attunement, and/or wanting to become more intuitive. Thank you Haylie for providing such a wonderful place for everyone to come together as one and work together as one!"


"It was life changing & it left me feeling so elevated & excited & motivated! I want so badly to explore even more into these practices & really be able to align myself more with my gifts & hopefully be able to heal others the way you all do. I look forward to many many more retreats!"


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